How to re-download purchased iTunes Store content

I’ve been getting several inquiries on how to recover lost/missing items from the iTunes store that are desired on their iPhones, iPads or iPod touches. So lets help you navigate to the right spot to find all this great stuff, again.

First, you need to open the iTunes program on your PC or Mac computer. And while we’re on this subject lets discuss some terms…The term iTunes alone (should) refer to the program that lives on your Mac or PC and started as the tool to rip CDs and sync music to iPods. Then in the early 2000s Apple made deals with the major music labels and launched the “iTunes Store”. This tutorial will help you navigate within the iTunes program/application to the iTunes Store and recover and redownload past purchases. 

Let’s start with this first image:


In the thick blue box you can see the location of the iTunes Store is selected and filling the majority of the right 3/4ths of the iTunes program is the main page of the iTunes Store. At the far right (you may need to scroll right to see it) is a section of quick links. Here circled in blue is where you click to access “Purchased” items.



Now I clicked (you should too if you’re following along) is the purchased screen. Circled at the top left is “Music” however you can select any of the content types at top. On the top-right I can filter between all items and items not on my computer. Now there is two ways to re-download your times. You can scroll through all your songs/albums (apps if your looking at different content) and click the iCloud symbol (green boxed). Or click the download all button (green circle) and get it all on your computer to sync.